Gluten Free in Myrtle Beach; Hard Rock Cafe

Travelling with food allergies is challenging. I was grateful to have a kitchen in the condo we rented while in Myrtle Beach. It just makes life with food allergies eight million times easier when I can cook my own food. That said, I also enjoy the experience of eating out at a restaurant from time to time. (Okay, having two kids under the age of three makes that a little more adventurous these days, but it's always worth a try!)

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach. I can't remember the last time I went to a Hard Rock Cafe! It's such an experience inside! This restaurant is located at Broadway At The Beach (We almost didn't go here thinking it was a Broadway show, which is just not possible with two little babes in tow, but we were wrong! It's all these cute little shops, restaurants, and fun things to do!)

I strongly dislike being the high maintenance eater who always has to ask the waiter all of my standard food allergy questions, don't you?? They were so friendly and the manager came out to talk through my options with me. I though that was so kind, and it also reassured me that they were familiar with making gluten free food.  I got the Veggie Leggie with gluten free bread and gluten free fries made separately! It was so yummy. I recommend it with the same caution that I recommend any restaurant where you can't control the food being prepared: it's always a risk, but sometimes it's nice to eat out for a change! 


Happy cow appreciation day Chick-fil-A! Who knew you were allergen friendly??

Chick-fil-A, you rock. You made this high-maintenance eater's life so much easier on our recent family road trip. 

I was skeptical. My family wanted to experience your savoury fried chicken goodness, and I figured I'd go get a salad from Subway while they indulged. But, you surprised me with your Grilled Market Salad (without the blue cheese).  And it was oh so good.

And as if that wasn't enough, when I asked about the ingredients in your balsamic vinaigrette dressing, you printed them out for me! I've never had that happen before. Such genius! Such innovation! Such peace of mind to know that I could read the ingredients myself! 

Happy Cow Appreciation Day, Chick-fil-A! Well done. I salute you. Come to Canada.


Who have I become?

This week I spent a lot of time playing in my kitchen. I even rearranged things to remove the shelf that had been acting as our pantry so that the baby had more space to roam (he's learning to crawl, it's so fun!). I had some wins in the kitchen this week. I had some... not wins. Which basically just means back to the drawing board. Practice, practice, practice, right??

The following is based on recipes from my Trim Healthy Mama cookbook (highly recommend). You need to know that I have a tendency to change up recipes, and I'm usually missing a few ingredients, so I just sort of start with an actual recipe and then try to make my own. Whenever a recipe calls for cocoa powder, I use cacao powder because I find anything else bothers my belly. So far, no issues with cacao powder so we can count that as our first win!

I made a chocolate cake with zucchini. This one is normally a win, but I put too much zucchini in it this time, so I won't give you the recipe just yet!

Then I tried a chocolate cake made with black beans. This one was a win for me, I really liked it, but the hubby wasn't a huge fan, so that's a good indicator that you may not like it either.... yet. I'll keep working on it. I topped it with a blend of raspberries, strawberries, and vegan butter. That was yummy!

Third, I made cheesecake with no cream cheese (I haven't found a dairy free cream cheese that I like yet), but I used red palm oil (not great for this recipe!) and I was missing a good sugar replacement. Isn't is colorful? Fun and colorful as it might look, it did not taste good. HA! I tried. I'll work on it and get back to you.

I've become someone who makes cake with zucchini, black beans, and red palm oil. Nothing's changed about my coffee, whether it be hot or iced, so let's take a minute to pay homage to the legal stimulant that held me together this week.


Dearest Tofu

Dearest Tofu,

I've sincerely misunderstood you all these years. I thought you to be an odd, tasteless, and extreme addition to my menu. I thought you would turn me into one of those people who ate tofu. And, well, you have done that. But, I'm not mad about it because... I like you tofu. I really do. I'm not ashamed to say it.

I can fry you with onions and season you and it gives you oh so much flavour. I can put you in salads, or an omelet, or just eat you all by yourself.  You're free of all of the foods that make me sick and you give me lots of protein. I can trust you, tofu. I can trust you not to hurt me when so many other foods would.

You're not what I expected, Tofu. I expected gross and you gave me yummy. I expected blah and you gave me pizazz. Forgive me tofu for my misconceptions. Let's be friends.


Oh, the bakeries you'll go

I made it my mission in May to explore some bakeries that offered gluten and dairy free options. Such a hardship, right?? I should basically claim this as my life mission. There are three places I stumbled upon that I want to share with you! 

  1. Kelly's Bake Shoppe, Burlington, Ontario:

I want to decorate my home just like this bakery. It's SO cute!! 
(Even the bathroom is fancy schmansy.)

I'm a huge stickler for customer service, and I can honestly say I received excellent customer service here. Like, be my real life friend, sure I'll buy 29348394 more things just because you're so kind, customer service.)

Coffee with almond milk+ cupcakes I can actually eat = my happy place. 

Hubby loved their cookies. 

Cupcakes I could actually eat!!!!!!! And they were AH-MAZ-INGGGG! Not an exaggeration. I keep conspiring ways I can get back to Burlington for these babies. My husband actually liked these. If he likes something, I know I can pass it on to you!

2. Bunner's Bakery, Toronto, Ontario:

This place was apparently voted #1 bakery in Toronto, but I'm a little skeptical... Not aesthetically pleasing, customer service was lacking, just altogether not really my scene. Although, Kensington Market is fun to explore, so I do recommend going to this part of town. 

Gorgeous cupcakes, right??? Truthfully, although they're pretty, I threw these away after trying each one (I split them with my family, they weren't all for me!! My fam didn't care for them etiher.). 
I've had better. 

3. Trish's Bakery Cafe, Port Dover, Ontario: 

Port Dover has a really great beach area on Lake Erie and a cute main street with all sort of shops! We really enjoyed walking through this area of town as a family. This was a really fun find, with lots of options!

Everything is gluten free, but not dairy free so be sure to ask for the dairy free options! I got the chocolate peanut butter brownie (I think that's what it's called) and my whole family looooved it. SO yummy! The toddler kept asking for more, so you know it's a hit! I'd like to go back and try a muffin next time.

*(this post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are entirely my own!)